07 Nisan 2008


16 Mart 2008: Nuggets'ın Sonics'i 56 sayı farkla, 168-112 yendiği maçın sonlarını farkı açmak adına as oyuncularıyla oynamaya devam eden koçunun ve oyuncularının demeçleri:

"A lot of people will think there’s no way they scored that many points. It’s unbelievable. There are no words for it.” - Kenyon Martin

“This is definitely a game I’m going to keep in my archives.” - Marcus Camby

“There was no way that I couldn’t enjoy the game, not from the way we played offensively.” - George Karl

7 Nisan 2008: Dün gece iki uzatma sonunda 151-147 ile rövanşı alan ve Nuggets'ın playoff hayallerine baltayı indiren Sonics oyuncularının cevabı:

“We owed those guys, they came beat us badly the last two times. We just wanted to spoil their season.” - Kevin Durant

"They played with a ton of heart and they didn't give in, they competed. I just thought it was a great effort." - PJ Carlesimo

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