20 Mayıs 2008

Yedinci maç hatırası

Duck Rivers

I wanted him [Pierce] on him [LeBron] at the end of the game because... Bump foul... It's Paul Pierce guarding LeBron... (burada kafasını aşağı yukarı sallayıp eliyle de bir terazi hareketi yapıyor) You know what I'm saying?

LeBron James

I can adjust to any kind of teammates that's put around me, it doesn't take me that long, I think it's a much difficult challenge to those guys to get used to our system and to get used to playing along with myself.

I always wanna win, I'm not disappointed in any of my coaching staff, any of my teammates. You know, I've always been a winner and I am a winner.

Like I said before the game, a game 7 at the Garden, it gets no better than this. And as a fan, I know so much about the [league's] history, this will go down in history.

Just like Dominique Wilkins, I ended up on the short end.

Kevin Garnett

Today, our game plan was "Get the ball to Paul Pierce and get the hell out of the way!"

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